If you like to Volunteer


  • You have to be 18+ or accompanied by an adult.

  • Interview.

  • Copy of the Civil ID.


  • Searching for Foster Homes & Forever Homes.

  • Spreading awareness.

  • Taking full responsibility of any mission or pet under your care.

  • Attending meetings.

  • 10 hours of volunteer work commitments monthly.

Send in Your:

  • Full Name.

  • Phone Number.

  • Civil ID Number.

  • Specify which days you’re available to volunteer.

  • Specify how you can help KARE.

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One Response to Volunteer

  1. Dareen Tawil says:

    Good morning,

    AUS would like to invite you Wednesday, November 22nd at 1:00 pm at our High School. If we can ask that you bring in some information with you that we can pass out to our students in order to consider volunteering with Kareq8, we’d appreciate it!

    Please confirm by calling: 25530150 Ext. 4122 by Monday, November 20th.

    Thank you!


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