Vinky recieves a gift!

#saving_vinky_kareq8 Vinky received a sweet package from his adopting mother whom he will be joining in a few months in Germany 😍 She sent him lots of treats & toys & stuff to share with his little friends. Vinky has been baby sitting our rescues of new kittens & he has been an amaZing baby sitter. He will most probably be going to Germany in few months with one of those babies as well 😍 Who would have thought that giant big rough boy was going to end up baby sitting kittens 😍😂 Thank you Mommy! See you in few months. ڤينكي تلقى طرد من أمه التي تبنته وتنتظر وصوله بعد أشهر الي المانيا. في هذه الأثناء ڤينكي يجالس صغار القطط التي تم انقاذها ويهتم بها. من كان يعتقد أن هذا القط الكبير سينتهي به المطاف كجليس للقطط الصغيرة. شكرا لام ڤينكي على الهدايا الجملية التي سيشاركها مع أصدقائه الصغار.

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