lovely taffy ❤️

#saving_taffy_kareq8 Taffy was purring during his examination 😍 He's so sweet 😭 Taffy received a bad hit to the spine which cause his leg to malfunction yet he has movement & reaction which is very promising. He is dehydrated & has a bad eye. Wounds on his back paws because of dragging himself around. All this yet he's the sweetest kitty ever !! 😍 We are in love with Taffy!! He's so adorable. He will stay in the hospital for now for monitoring & x-rays & of course fluids. Pray for him. Thanks to the kind lady who stepped up to help him. . . . . تافي تلقى ضربة مؤلمة على الظهر أثرت على العمود الفقري مما تسبب بخلل المشي. لكنه يتفاعل ويشعر بساقيه وهذا شي مبشر. يعاني من الجفاف وعينه تالفه. ساقاه مجروحتان من سحبهما على الشارع. كل هذا إلا أنه من أظرف القطط على الاطلاق 😍 لعوب وحبوب سيبقى بالمستشفى للمراقبة والاشعه واكيد للمغذي. ادعوا له وشكرا الاخت التي ساعدته.

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