Jay is doing much better

#saving_jay_kareq8 Jay is doing so much better. She should go back to her foster family soon. Her foster family went to visit her & they say she ate alot & wagged her tail when she saw them. They're in tears to see her like this & can't wait for her to come back home. Jay had her surgery. She was in surgery from 9:45 until 3:55. Jay's right foot is pointing outward. The doctor is hoping that no infection sets in & that it's going to be a long healing process. Jay is also going to need physical therapy. Right now Jay is resting. Please pray for her. Please donate for Jay. الحمدالله جي تحسنت وستخرج من العيادة قريبا وتذهب للعائلة التي تحتضنها. العائلة التي استقبلتها ذهبت لزيارتها وكانت سعيدة جدا برؤيتهم. اكلت كثيرا. كانوا متألمين لها ولا يستطيعون الانتظار حتى تعود للمنزل. جي خضعت لعملية للساقان وكانت عملية طويلة جدا اكثر من ست ساعات. أن شاء الله لا تتأثر الساق من الالتهابات. وستحتاج لعلاج طبيعي. ادعوا لها وتبرعوا لها والحالات المحتاجه.

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