Jay is back to her foster family💓

#saving_jay_kareq8 Yeeeey Jay is back to her foster family 😻 They say they can tell she's very happy to come back home she ate & slept like a baby. We will follow up 💕 This dog had both her hind legs broken in Kuwait & had her surgery in the US. She was in surgery from 9:45 until 3:55. Jay's right foot is pointing outward. The doctor is hoping that no infection sets in & that it's going to be a long healing process. Jay is also going to need physical therapy. Right now Jay is resting. Please pray for her. Please donate for Jay. اخيرا جي عادت للعائلة الحاضنة ويقولون واضح انها سعيده بعودتها. اكلت كثيرا ونامت كالاطفال. جي تعرضت الضرب حيث كسرت ساقاها الخلفيتان في الكويت وخضعت لعملية في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وكانت عملية طويلة جدا اكثر من ست ساعات. أن شاء الله لا تتأثر الساق من الالتهابات. وستحتاج لعلاج طبيعي. ادعوا لها وتبرعوا لها والحالات المحتاجه.

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