About KARE

A new animal helping group with a true devotion, love & care for animals.
Helpers from Kuwait & different parts of the world focus on:
  1. Rescuing animals in need.
  2. Finding homes for rescued animals in Kuwait & abroad.
  3. Teaches rescuing techniques to people who find abandoned, injured or abused pets.
  4. Runs TNR programs.
  5. Create awareness by visiting schools & institutes & universities.
Adopting is a last part of any rescue mission,  When you adopt you become the hero of the story, the final destination of the journey, the main person that’ll always shine in the history of any animal helping path.
The best part that people fail to realize is that animals know that you adopted them & they carry a special kind of appreciation in their heart for their adopters.
Be the sweet ending. Adopt!


As much as we hate to see animals locked up, a shelter is a must as a temporary option, a pet should not have to live in a shelter because of our own convenience as a society. But it is a must as a first step.
In KARE, we count on animal lovers & foster homes on our mission, it’s a struggle to find those at times but we try as much as we can.
Our mission totally & completely relays on donation for rescued animals, shipping, TNR & Foster homes.
It is known that in our community, the animal group support is not at its best, therefor we seek help from those with more awaken sense of compassion & vision.
With your help & with your help alone, we can continue our mission, please consider participating & donating to our group.
Dealing with our sister group KARU (Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit)
If you can’t rescue,  adopt!
If you can’t adopt, foster!
If you can’t foster, sponsor!
If you can’t sponsor, donate!
If you can’t donate, volunteer!
if you can’t volunteer, adopt a project!
& in all those cases, spread awareness!
Participate in any story, tell your family & friends to help.
To adopt or donate please call 97833237 or email karekuwait@gmail.com
Please follow @kareq8 on instagram or KAREQ8 on facebook to read about our rescues & stories.